June 1, 2015
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 myCourses Webinar: Making myCourses Work for You

August 20, 12:30-1:30pm
Ready to try something new in myCourses? Attend this one-hour webinar to learn more about what you can do with myCourses. Take advantage of the course management tools to keep you and your students productive. Create engaging and interactive content, activities, and assessments for your course. 

Daring to Try New Teaching Strategies in your Course?

June 12, 9:00am-10:15am
Evaluation and Feedback in Large Classes Series
Would you like to try something new in your large class, but are still hesitant to make the leap? After all, what if it doesn’t work perfectly the first time? Professor Rhonda Amsel (Department of Psychology) shares her experiences and motivation for incorporating various pedagogical strategies in a 400-student, first-year course. 

Teaching Portfolio Guidelines

Teaching portfolios are required for reappointment and tenure. Guidelines and guiding questions are available to help you develop your teaching portfolio.

The SALTISE 4th Annual Conference

June 2
Interested in developing ways to encourage greater student engagement leading to learning? Attend the 4th annual SALTISE conference! This year’s theme is: Inspiring Learning, Leveraging Evidence: Changing Models for Designing Instruction. SALTISE 2015 will welcome international, national, and local speakers who are leading developments and innovation in the fields of education, learning sciences, and educational technology.

Great Teachers Seminar

June 7-11
If you are a post-secondary educator who seeks to enhance your teaching and ensure greater learning on the part of your students, then this is the perfect seminar for you. The National Great Teachers Seminar in the Canadian Rockies is a unique and powerful opportunity to reflect on what great teaching is all about.

Fall 2015 course sites available for instructors in myCourses

You can start preparing your course site now for Fall 2015 in myCourses. Here are some useful resource links: If you would like your Fall 2015 sections to be crosslisted (merged) in myCourses, please contact itsupport@mcgill.ca.

Summer 2015 myCourses minor upgrade

A minor upgrade of the myCourses Learning Management System will take place on Monday, July 13, from 1 am to noon. During this time, myCourses will be completely unavailable to instructors and students. If you are using myCourses this summer, please ensure you do not schedule any assignments or quizzes for that day. The upgrade will bring some minor improvements, such as a simpler process to copy courses.

Looking for help with myCourses and other teaching technologies? 

Teaching and Learning Services offers one-on-one consultations and group workshops on myCourses, student response systems (clickers), active learning classrooms, and classroom audiovisual technology. Request a consultation.

Cloud Data Storage Directive

When it comes to data security, not all cloud services are equal. McGill IT Services would like to remind you to review the Cloud Data Storage Directive to ensure that you are storing institutional data responsibly. 


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