October 17, 2016
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Supervisory Alliance in Graduate Supervision

October 27, 10:00am-12:00pm

What is a supervisory alliance? The session will introduce a framework to discuss this relationship between supervisor and supervisee in terms of the Bond, Goals, and Tasks. The presentation and discussion will provide you with suggestions, ideas and a model to enable you to collaborate more successfully with your graduate students.


Designing Effective Multiple-Choice Questions

October 28, 9:30am-12:00pm

Would you like to improve the quality of your Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)? Would you like to learn how to use MCQs to assess higher order thinking skills, such as application and analysis? If so, join a group of fellow instructors for a workshop about the principles of well-designed multiple-choice questions.


Clarifying Expectations in Graduate Supervision

November 10, 10:00am-12:00pm

Imagine preventing common mistakes and avoiding confusion when taking on new graduate students. Clarifying Expectations is about articulating roles and responsibilities in supervisory relationships before problems or miscommunications occur.



E-Mail Communication with Students

How do I send official communications to students? Any official communication with students may be done by e-mail to a student’s McGill address or within myCourses. This insures that e-mails are successfully delivered in a timely manner. 


What the research says …

Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are sometimes critiqued for only testing rote knowledge. However, they can also be formulated to assess students’ critical thinking skills. In this article, Brookhart (2015) explains how to develop MCQs that ask students to interpret or critique a sample text or visual, and describes ways that MCQs can help students learn, beyond the test.


Open Access Week

October 24-30, Mac Campus
“Open Access” to information – free, immediate, online access to the results of scholarly research, and the right to use results – is transforming the way research and scientific inquiry are being conducted. McGill will celebrate Open Access Week International with events designed to bring awareness to newer aspects of the scholarly communication lifecycle. 

Research Ethics Workshops

Are you interested in discussing ethical issues that emerge throughout the research process? The interactive series of Research Ethics Workshops will be taking place throughout the 2016-17 academic year. Get acquainted with important ethical issues present in research. 

Privacy and Confidentiality - October 26, 1:00-3:00pm
Commercialization - November 30, 1:00-3:00pm



Safer Spaces Workshops

SEDE, in collaboration with Teaching and Learning Services, First Peoples' House, and the Office for Students with Disabilities offers Safer Spaces, a regular schedule of training for staff, faculty, and graduate students.


Disability, Access, and Universal Design - October 31, 9:30am-12:00pm
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity - November 3, 2:00-4:30pm


Course Design Workshop 

December 8 and December 13 (two full days)

Would you like to (re)design one of your courses and enhance your teaching skills? Join a group of fellow faculty members led by facilitators from Teaching and Learning Services to discuss strategies for course design and teaching that focus on enhancing student learning.




View list of upcoming events and workshops


myCourses Tip: Long-Answer Questions in Quizzes

Quizzes in myCourses aren’t only for Multiple-Choice and True/False questions; it is possible to include open-ended Long Answer (LA) questions. You can enable the HTML Editor to accept pictures, formatted text, LaTeX, and MathType in answers. To facilitate grading, you can grade by question; this means that you can assess all students’ responses for a single question.    


Request a consultation to learn more about myCourses and other educational technologies. Visit the index of documentation for instructors using myCourses.


Mid-Course Evaluations

Want to receive valuable feedback from your students during the term, while it is still possible to make adjustments? Effective strategies include administering an online survey through myCourses, using Polling @ McGill, and having an in-class student-led forum.


Add Questions to your Course Evaluation

Instructors may add up to three questions to their course evaluation questionnaire. This is an opportunity to receive feedback specific to the course context or on particular areas of focus, such as new teaching strategies. Please submit your questions by November 2, 2016

Course Evaluation Dates for Fall 2016

  • Default Period: November 10 - December 22
  • Condensed Period: November 10 - December 6 (view units)

View list of strategies to encourage student participation. 


SANS Video Library - Featured Module: Hacked

This course is available to all staff and faculty as part of the McGill IT Security Awareness Training program. Check out “Hacked”, this week’s featured module, for advice on how to detect if your computer or accounts have been attacked and how to take appropriate action if needed.



Skype for Business (Lync) available to students 

Please be advised that beginning October 12, Skype for Business (Windows) / Lync (Mac) will be made available to all McGill students. Students will be given access to Skype for Business/Lync, enabling them to send instant messages and conduct web conferences with other students, as well as faculty and staff.


IT Security Reminder: Log off after using classroom computers

With the Fall 2016 semester well under way, McGill IT Services would like to remind you of the importance of logging off from your Windows session on all campus computers, including podium PCs used during teaching sessions. 1) Click the Windows Start menu; 2) Click the arrow next to Shut down; 3) Select Log off.


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