December 15, 2017
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McGill University - Focus on Teaching


Training for Teaching Assistants

January 19, 12:15-4:30pm

Paid training (for first-time TAs) is available to Teaching Assistants at McGill. If you are working with a new Teaching Assistant this semester, please encourage them to attend this half-day of workshops offered by AGSEM and SKILLSETS


McGill's 7th Annual Academic Integrity Day

January 26

Keynote: Susan Zimmerman, Executive Director of the Secretariat on Responsible Conduct of Research

Breaches of academic and research integrity often result from misunderstanding the rules rather than bad intentions. Nonetheless, consequences range from article retraction to loss of funding to removal from one’s program or job. Join an engaging dialogue about real cases of breaches in academic integrity and learn to sort out issues before they go beyond one’s control. The symposium is free and open to all members of the McGill community.



Bumps in the Road in Graduate Supervision: A Conflict Resolution Discussion

February 20, 1:00-3:00pm

This workshop is designed to help supervisors build communication with supervisees and learn how to effectively prevent and manage conflict in their relationships.



McGill’s 3MT/MT180 Competition

Deadline to submit: January 15

Please promote the 3MT/MT180 to your graduate students.

Participating in the competition will give them skill building opportunities as they communicate their leading-edge research to a non-specialist audience. The challenge … they will have only three minutes and a single slide to do so.


Student Emails: A Creative Video Guide to Email Etiquette

While many students have mastered the art of email, others tend to take “poetic license” – unclear subject lines, omitted course name or student ID, or even an occasional use of an emoticon! Suggest students hone their email communication skills by watching a short instructional video produced by Teaching and Learning Services. Share the link with students through myCourses!

myCourses Tip: Viewing Content Statistics

Interested to know which of your course materials in myCourses students are accessing most frequently? Find out by viewing content statistics. Consider using this information when deciding which materials to provide in future courses and how to organize your content. 

Helping Students to Communicate Science - Beyond the Classroom!

Recent blog post from Teaching for Learning @ McGill University

“There’s a movement, both online and off, toward increasing science communication. It’s a push for academics to become better at talking about their research to non-specialists, and for scientists, in particular, to assert their knowledge, control their message, and communicate with the public more broadly.” 


Strategies to Increase Student Participation in Course Evaluations

For academic units following the default period, students have until December 23 at 11:59pm to complete their course evaluations. Please remind your students to complete their course evaluations. 

Working from Home: Resources

If you need to conduct McGill-related work from home, this article provides a useful compilation of the many resources accessible to you.

McGill Association of University Teachers

The McGill Association of University Teachers (MAUT) is an organization of academic staff formed in 1951 to foster academic freedom, involve the faculty in university activities and governance, and improve the working conditions and salaries of teaching faculty and librarians.


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