April 3, 2017
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Course Design Workshop

May 16 & 18 (Two full days)
Would you like to (re)design one of your courses and enhance your teaching skills? Join a group of fellow faculty members led by facilitators from Teaching and Learning Services to discuss strategies for course design and teaching that focus on enhancing student learning.




Rights of Students with Disabilities

McGill strives to provide an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all students. Various support services and accommodations are available and coordinated by the Office for Students with Disabilities.  

What the research says...

Are your students stressed? McGill has a number of resources/offerings that may be of interest, including upcoming visits from therapy dogs, empirically demonstrated to offer love and support to students. For recommendations on supporting students in difficulty, consult McGill’s Helping Students in Difficulty resource (the revised “Red Folder”).


World Voice Day Events

Voice Screening: April 3, 2:30-6:00pm

Voice Seminar: April 8, 2:00-4:30pm


Does your throat feel tired, feel sore or even disappear after teaching? Have your voice screened to learn about the current condition of your voice.


Register for a seminar to learn about scientific updates on innovative voice research at McGill.


Getting students to focus on the questions not the answers

May 5, 12:00-1:15pm
What happens when students are asked to produce questions instead of answers? What’s the impact on students’ engagement with and understanding of the course material? Two instructors share their approaches to using student-generated questions as a strategy for preparing for exams with peers and for encouraging students to engage with course readings.



Course Evaluations for Winter 2017 – Encourage your students to participate!

Students have until April 30  (April 12 for units following the condensed period) to complete their Course Evaluations. Strategies to encourage student participation include:

  • Providing concrete examples of how you have used previous student feedback;
  • Showing this video in class on why students should complete their course evaluations; and
  • Allowing students time in class to complete their course evaluations on their laptops.

View the complete list of strategies to increase response rates. 


SANS Video Library - Featured Module: Senior Leadership

This course is available to staff and faculty as part of the McGill IT Security Awareness program. “Senior Leadership”, our featured module, provides guidelines for leaders to follow in order to protect themselves and their organization against cyber-attacks.


Already registered? Access the SANS Video library.

First time participant? Register now.

Graduate Student Writing: Graphos 

Concerned about the quality of your students’ written work? Spending too much time wading through poor organization and grammar? Help your students improve their academic communication skills by directing them to the McGill Writing Centre’s 1-credit Graphos courses, which address topics such as crafting arguments and applying disciplinary conventions. 

Preferred first name in myCourses and Spring 2017 course load

In preparation for the new Spring 2017 course load in myCourses, on April 7th, all students’ preferred first names will now be reflected in myCourses. Please note that if – prior to April 7th – you have downloaded or printed your Winter 2017 classlist from myCourses, there may be discrepancies between lists; in those cases, refer to the myCourses gradebook or Minerva classlist and use the student’s McGill ID to verify their name on record.


myCourses Tip: Previewing a Student’s View of Grades

In myCourses, you can see what a specific student sees when they click on Grades. Depending on your grade book settings, this may include Points, Weight Achieved, Grade for each of the Grade Items, etc.



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