February 1, 2018
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McGill University - Focus on Teaching


Virtual Conference: Transforming the Teaching & Learning Environment

February 12-23

The 9th annual conference will present 60 one-hour live, interactive sessions and provide an opportunity to engage with education professionals from around the world. Teaching and Learning Services has purchased an institutional registration. Everyone is welcome to participate. 


WinterFest 2018: Promoting Deep Learning in Larger Classes

Ends February 16

Concordia's WinterFest 2018 brings together professors, instructional designers, educational researchers and others to explore the challenges and the unique opportunities presented by foundational courses.


Bumps in the Road in Graduate Supervision: A conflict resolution discussion

February 20, 1:00-3:00pm

This workshop is designed to help supervisors build communication with supervisees and learn how to effectively prevent and manage conflict in their relationships.


Sustaining Motivation: Engaging students in their learning (Webinar)

February 22, 12:15-12:45pm

How can you help students develop expertise? How can you help students stay interested in what they are learning? Join us for this webinar, which will address these questions and offer ideas on selecting teaching strategies based on how students learn.


Customize your Course Evaluations: Writing Meaningful Questions (Webinar)

February 27, 12:00-12:45pm

You may not be aware that instructors can add up to three questions to their Mercury end-of-course evaluation questionnaires. Attend this webinar to learn how to design questions that will allow you to obtain meaningful student feedback.



McGill’s Black History Month

Through diverse events and activities, Black History Month aims to create necessary spaces for people in our communities to learn about Blackness and Black history while expanding our understandings of Black experiences. A full calendar of events can be found here. Students, faculty and staff are welcome. 

Graduate Student Writing Workshops

Graphos will host two upcoming workshops dealing with the theme of scholarly publication. Please encourage your students to attend.

  • February 20: Strategies to Respond to Journal Reviewers during the R&R (revise and resubmit) Process
  • March 16: Using Idea Charts to Direct your Research towards Publication

MyResearch Graduate Seminar Series

Do your students have the research skills to succeed in the rapidly changing world of information and scholarly publishing? As part of SKILLSETS, the McGill Library offers MyResearch, a seminar series for graduate and postdoctoral students.


Mid-Course Evaluations

Want to receive valuable feedback from your students during the term while it is still possible to make adjustments to your teaching? Effective strategies include administering an anonymous survey through myCourses; asking questions anonymously using Polling @ McGill; and having an in-class, student-led feedback forum. Questions? Contact mercury.info@mcgill.ca

Downloadable and Streaming Media

When you are planning your class screenings, you may want to consult the McGill Library’s growing collection of downloadable and streaming media. 

Learning to Learn

In this McGill Tribune article, Elli Slavitch presents several McGill faculty members’ and students’ testimonials on the topic of learning methods in higher education, and argues for the importance of teaching students how to learn to learn. 


Grading Discussion Topics in myCourses

Did you know that you can create gradable discussion topics that transfer to the gradebook? You can grade students’ posts holistically by entering an overall topic score for each student. You can also grade each individual post and select a calculation method for the total score based on the average, maximum, minimum or mode of the combined scores.

Help us improve! Library survey coming soon

Starting February 5th, the Library will be running its LibQUAL survey to a sampling of McGill faculty, students and staff. The survey provides the opportunity to give feedback on Library services, collections and spaces. As a result of this feedback, we recently added a substantial number of e-books to our collection from publishers such as Sage Publications and Taylor & Francis.


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