December 1, 2016
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Mandatory Supervision for New Faculty

January 19, 10:00am-12:00pm

The Mandatory Supervision session will provide you with an overview of the policy framework for supervision at McGill, best practices in graduate supervision, and key resources. The session provides an opportunity to ask questions and discuss solutions to common issues, which will inform your practice as a supervisor. 



Aspirations to Action - A Blog Series

This blog series brings you thoughts, fresh ideas, and -- most importantly -- examples of teaching strategies used by McGill professors that promote student engagement and learning both inside and outside the classroom. Returns every other Thursday- stay tuned!


What the research says …

What do you wish someone had told you about teaching at the very beginning of your career? In this article, David Whetten (2007) shares what he wishes he had known then, as he reflects on three key elements of course design: learning outcomes, learning activities, and learning assessments. 

Teaching Checklist

Course Preparation and Design: Teaching Checklist and Course Outline Guide

What are the required and recommended elements of a course outline? The Teaching Checklist and Course Outline brief guide will help you prepare a useful document for both you and your students.


Strategies to increase student participation in Course Evaluations

Students may complete their Course Evaluations from now until December 22 (December 6 for units following the condensed period). Strategies to encourage student participation include:

  • Giving an incentive to the class, such as an additional review session, if the class response rate exceeds an established target;
  • Making announcements and reminding your students through myCourses; and
  • Presenting the guidelines on providing constructive feedback to your students.

Student Course Evaluations - New Equity Measure

Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) and the Joint Board-Senate Committee on Equity have developed a protocol for addressing comments in Mercury end-of-course evaluations that are determined to be hateful or discriminatory on the basis of attributes such as gender, sexual or gender identity, race, ethnicity, religion, or disability. To view the new protocol, please click on the link above. If you have any feedback or questions on the new protocol, please email

Polling @ McGill: Sign up for the Winter semester

Instructors interested in using Polling @ McGill for the Winter semester must request licenses for their courses; please see the “Getting Started for Instructors” section of the Polling @ McGill website. This system, available as of the Fall 2016 semester at no charge to students and instructors, allows students to respond to questions from a personal device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop). As a reminder, physical clickers are no longer supported for in-class use.

Getting the Facts on Stats

After entering grades in the Grades tool, you can view statistics for any grade item or category. These statistics provide you with a summary of class grades and individual student grades, where you can view the mean, mode, median, standard deviation and distribution of grades. If you've used the Groups tool in myCourses, you can also view statistics by group.


How to add readings to myCourses

The Library can help you make course readings available to your students at no cost with myCourses. It’s easy to link to the Library’s millions of articles and ebooks or to scan and upload books and articles directly to myCourses. For information, contact

SANS Video Library - Featured Module: Encryption

This course is available to all staff and faculty as part of the McGill IT Security Awareness Training program. Check out “Encryption”, this week’s featured module, for guidelines on how to protect our sensitive data. 


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