May 1, 2017
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Mandatory Orientation for New McGill Supervisors

May 18, 10:00am-12:00pm

The Mandatory Orientation session will provide you with an overview of the policy framework for supervision at McGill, best practices in graduate supervision, and key resources. This orientation is mandatory for new faculty members, but recommended for all. 


Conflict of Interest

How can you identify and resolve conflicts of interest in teaching and research? This policy provides a framework for addressing these issues.


Know your rights: What to consider before you submit to a journal and sign a copyright transfer agreement

May 2, 10:30-11:45am
This workshop will take place in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library, Research Commons A, and will address the main points to consider when submitting to a journal with regards to author rights. For example, what rights do you maintain? What can you do with your article once it’s published? Are you permitted to post it online? Can you share it via social media sites? 


Financial Skills for the Real World Series

Starting May 2, 6:30-8:30pm
Do you occasionally struggle to pay your bills on time? Feel overwhelmed with debt? This workshop series will address personal finance topics as diverse as setting up a budget, dealing with debt, understanding types of banks and investment accounts, and objectively evaluating the purchase of a home, among other related topics.


Getting students to focus on the questions not the answers

May 5, 12:00-1:15pm
What happens when students are asked to produce questions instead of answers? What’s the impact on students’ engagement with and understanding of the course material? Two instructors share their approaches to using student-generated questions as a strategy for preparing for exams with peers and for encouraging students to engage with course readings.

Course Design Workshop

May 16 & 18 (Two full days)
Would you like to (re)design one of your courses and enhance your teaching skills? Join a group of fellow faculty members led by facilitators from Teaching and Learning Services to discuss strategies for course design and teaching that focus on enhancing student learning.


Designing successful peer assessment assignments

May 25, 9:30am-12:00pm
Peer Assessment (PA) refers to students providing feedback on other students’ assignments to help them improve their work. In this workshop, we address the principles that support sound design of PA activities. You will have the opportunity to reflect on these principles and begin to develop a PA assignment. 


Feedback Strategies: Engaging Students in Dialogue

May 29, 9:30am-12:00pm

Providing feedback to undergraduate students on their writing assignments can be a complex, time-consuming and thankless task. This workshop focuses on feedback strategies for essays and research (term) papers that engage students in the feedback process and encourage them to take responsibility for their learning before, during, and after assignments.


Introduction to Rayyan for Systematic Reviews

June 20, 2:00-3:30pm

Rayyan is a free web-tool designed to help researchers working on systematic reviews and other knowledge synthesis projects, and assists with the process of screening and selecting studies. In this workshop, we will introduce Rayyan, demonstrate a sample workflow and discuss the tool's strengths and weaknesses. The workshop will be led by librarians with expertise in knowledge synthesis projects and will include a question and answer session. 


Course Evaluation Results for Winter 2017

Course Evaluation results for the Winter semester are available in Mercury after grades are submitted and approved. Guidelines for interpretation are available, including a comments analysis sheet and sample tables for reporting results.


Mercury Testimonials

Teaching and Learning Services is seeking testimonials from instructors who are willing to share their perspectives about student feedback from course evaluations. Submit your testimonial online

myCourses Upgrade: New, Consistent Look and Feel

On May 29, myCourses, McGill’s learning management system, will be upgraded to be responsive for a consistent user experience across computers, tablets, and other mobile devices. Learn more about this upgrade.


myCourses Tip: Releasing final grades in myCourses and exporting them to Minerva

At the end of the semester, you can release unofficial final grades to your students in myCourses. myCourses calculates the sum of all the grade items for each student into the “Final Calculated Grade” column. The “Final Adjusted Grade” column allows you to make any final adjustments. By default, myCourses hides both columns from students until you manually release them. Once your grades are finalized, you must enter them in Minerva.

SANS Video Library - Featured Module: Senior Leadership

This course is available to staff and faculty as part of the McGill IT Security Awareness program. “Senior Leadership,” our featured module, provides guidelines for leaders to follow in order to protect themselves and their organization against cyber-attacks.


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Graduate Student Writing: Graphos 

Concerned about the quality of your students’ written work? Spending too much time wading through poor organization and grammar? Help your students improve their academic communication skills by directing them to the McGill Writing Centre’s 1-credit Graphos courses, which address topics such as crafting arguments and applying disciplinary conventions. 


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