MAUT Newsletter | McGill Association of University Teachers | April 2021



Update: Return of Merit Pay


It actually worked.


In April of last year, the Provost, faced with deep worries about the financial situation of the University, announced to the CASC (Committee on Academic Staff Compensation) that the implementation of the merit component of our salary adjustment would be delayed by six months. Naturally, the MAUT members of the committee pushed back on this, politely, but quite vigorously. In the end, given the hypothetical nature of the financial scenarios, it was agreed that the delay in implementation would be reviewed when the finances became clearer.


Over the months, things turned out to be better than feared: the Quebec government gave guarantees on the university’s funding, the students registered anyway, and at the end of the year, we were left with a deficit that was important, but much less than anticipated. Through all this period conversations continued at CASC on this subject. Now even this deficit seems to have melted, and the University, true to its word, revisited the delay in implementation of merit.


The result is that Faculty members are to receive a one-time payment equivalent to half of the (annual) merit award for the year. As the delay in implementation was about six months, this covers within a few dollars the loss in salary due to the delay. It is a pleasure for us to see our collegial system of governance working in this way; all the more in this difficult context.


Jacques Hurtubise,

MAUT Representative, Committee on Academic Staff Compensation (CASC)




2021 MAUT Tax Symposium


On February 18th, 2021 MAUT hosted a well-attended online information session provided by Michel Bernucci, CPA, CA on tax deductions for academic home office expenses. The video recording of that session is now available for viewing on our MAUT YouTube channel:



GPS: Supervision Strategies


In an effort to provide useful training opportunities for early career faculty concerning graduate student supervision, GPS recently posted a 15-min video outlining recent research and practical strategies for effective graduate student mentorship that is available on the GPS YouTube channel:


Nathan C. Hall,

VP Communications, MAUT




Virtual Culinary Class: A Big Hit!


In lieu of the annual winter brunch, the membership committee organized a hands-on virtual cooking class on March 6th, 2021. Participating members received home delivery of fresh ingredients and were provided with a virtual meeting link.


On the evening of, everyone gathered online to exchange hellos before being introduced to Chef Jonathan of La Guilde Culinaire whose cordial nature made participants feel immediately at ease. After a brief review, we began by baking a rich chocolate fondant with a hint of orange for dessert while preparing an entrée of goat cheese and arugula salad on farmhouse bread. Following this was the main dish, a wild mushroom and squash risotto with undertones of white wine and Parmesan cheese!


During instruction, members were free to ask questions, exchange tips, and request advice on cooking and kitchen tools. As the class was nearing the end and everyone’s homemade creation was ready to be shared with family, smiles of success, pride and gratitude could be felt as though we all had been together in person.


Please stay tuned for future events organized by the MAUT membership committee and thank you for your participation!


Jo-Anne Watier,

Membership Engagement Officer, MAUT



RAC Winter Lecture Series


The MAUT Retiree Affairs Committee (RAC) winter 2021 lecture series on Equity, Diversity and Racism concludes on May 13, 2021 at 12-noon with a presentation by Prof. Michael Smith (Department of Sociology and McGill Centre for Population Dynamics): “Saying Something about discrimination is harder than some people think.” All MAUT members are invited; RSVP to for the Zoom link.


James Coulton,

Chair, MAUT Retiree Affairs Committee




Campus Vaccination Concerns


On February 23, 2021, the Provost sent an email to faculty members informing us that we would be going back to teaching in person in Fall 2021.


My colleagues and I, while understanding the importance of returning to in-person teaching, had questions about the university’s provisions in place for us to teach safely on campus, considering that mass vaccination might not be in effect or completed by the fall. Taking account of factors like building density and the age makeup of our campus, we wanted to launch a conversation about our concerns.


I authored an open letter to MAUT, co-signed 29 colleagues, and brought it to MAUT’s March 17, 2021 meeting. Unfortunately the letter’s concerns were not addressed in full at that meeting, but we hope that progress will be made in informing MAUT’s faculty constituencies about the full roster of planning for making Fall 2021 instruction safe for communities on campus, including faculty, students, staff, and tradespeople.


The University’s Town Hall on March 12, 2021 – attended by 1600 people, proof that this issue is of interest to many – provided further detail on the planning procedures but did not address factors such as improvements to facilities or plans to vaccinate students on campus. One significant issue concerns spaces where students will be able to go between classes, and how they will toggle between in-person courses and remote ones (the latter being class sizes of roughly 150 or more) without having to endure a difficult commute back and forth.


There is more to discuss regarding the planning for Fall 2021, and while we trust that the administration is working diligently to ensure that we will be safe on campus, we hope to continue the conversation, learn more, and consult with the administration as stakeholders, alongside the other important communities whose voices must be heard.


Katherine Zien,

Associate Professor, Department of English





2021 Annual General Meeting


The annual MAUT Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held virtually on Thursday, April 22, 2021 from 12 pm to 2 pm via Zoom. Topics to be discussed include Covid-19 issues, merit deferral, RAC-MURA satisfaction survey results, election results, etc.


Meeting agenda, minutes, and reports on recent and ongoing initiatives will be posted on the MAUT website and Facebook page. Your attendance in this event is key to MAUT’s initiatives, so please consider participating in this year's virtual AGM.


RSVP is required by April 20th by emailing (Zoom meeting details will be provided upon registration).



Tenure & Mentoring Workshop


Academic and librarian staff at McGill are invited to participate in the 20th annual MAUT Tenure and Mentoring Workshop to be held on Wednesday, April 21, 2020 from 9:00 am to 11:45 am via Zoom. The session is available only to MAUT members. If you have colleagues who wish to attend but are not members they can easily apply for membership using our user-friendly online application form.


Topics will include:


Understanding and preparing for tenure or the tenure renewal process

Learning the evaluation criteria from disciplinary colleagues

Accessing departmental mentoring

Building your teaching portfolio


RSVP is required by April 19th by emailing (Zoom meeting details will be provided upon registration).



Nathan C. Hall,

VP Communications, MAUT



Invitation: Study Participation


An interdisciplinary, multi-university research team led by Dr. Ivy Lynn Bourgeault in the School of Sociological and Anthropological Studies at the University of Ottawa is exploring the mental health experiences of professional workers, and how these experiences are affected by their personal, work and family life.


This study includes academia, accounting, dentistry, medicine, midwifery nursing and teaching professions. The team is particularly interested in the role that gender has on these experiences. There will also be some questions about how COVID-19 has impacted these experiences.


If you are interested in taking part in this study, please follow this link to the online survey:


The survey will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. If you would prefer to participate in an interview, please contact the study project coordinator, Audrey Kruisselbrink, at The interview will take 40-60 minutes for which there will be a $20 honorarium. You can participate in both. This study has received McGill ethics approval (#A12-B77-19A/19-12/039).


Mélanie Lavoie-Tremblay,

Associate Professor, Ingram School of Nursing



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