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Your news at the heart of your Faculty of Dentistry / Issue 27 / April 10, 2014

This year's Graduate Roast will take place on May 10th.

Important Calendar Dates

April 16th  DMD III: at 11:15am, Jessica from Heine will visit regarding your loupes. More info

May 29th  Spring Convocation. Health Sciences Ceremony at 2pm

August 19th  DMD III academic year start date (tentative)


April 4  Graduate Seminar Workshop: Three perspectives on health, overweight, and physical activity. 9am to 12 noon, Strathcona M/48. More info

April 11th and 12th  CE Course: New Trends in Caries Detection and Management Using Minimal Intervention. More info

April 26th  CE Course: Using the Dental Operating Microscope for Real Microdentistry. More info

May 7th  McGill "Global is Local" Conference, hosted by McGill Global Health Programs. More info

May 10th  Annual Graduate Roast. More info | Tickets | Menu

November 28th  Faculty of Dentistry OMFS Research Day. Keynote: Professor Richard Shaw.


W.W. Wood Award for Excellence in Dental Education. Deadline for nominations April 15th. More info

Graduate Students: MITACS program. More info

Meet R&D bursary program. More info

The Institute for Health and Social Policy Research Fellowship and Internship Programs, deadlines April 4th and April 11th. More info

Cancer Research Society Scholarships 2014, application deadline April 30th. More info

Campagne photomaton UV de la société canadienne du cancer. More info | Flyer

Full-time, tenure-stream Assistant Professor position in Orthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto. Application deadline July 31st. More info

Thank you, Zeeshan Sheikh (graduate student) for this week’s cartoon!

New Facility News

This week's photos here


Thank you to all the sponsors of our 2014 Annual Chinese New Year Dinner for Outreach. See the list of sponsors

Post-Docs: see if you qualify for Quebec tax exemption here

McGill-Wide Announcements

Counselling Services coping with stress workshop for students. Calendar

Recommended night routes on campus, from McGill Security Services. See map

Research Day 2014

Keynote speaker Dr. Gilles Lavigne

Dr. Macdonald and Sreenath Madathil at posters

Question period, Dr. Esfandiari

Research Day adivsor Dr. Kaartinen and PhD candidate Zeeshan Sheikh

Oral presentations

Poster session

Innovation and Excellence

Research Day 2014, Best Oral Presentation winner Azadeh Haqiqi and Dr. McKee

CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarship - MSc program:

Sandrine Coulwell, "The effect of exercise and high fat diet on circulating mediators of energy metabolism" (Supervisor Dr. Mari Kaartinen)

Yekta Ansari, "The role of salivary trace elements in tooth homeostasis" (Supervisor Dr. Faleh Tamimi)

Congratulations to our 2014 Research Day award recipients

Oral presentation awards

1st  Azadeh Haqiqi, "A study to better understand why parents seek care for their child’s non-traumatic dental problems in the emergency department"

2nd  Zeeshan Sheikh, "Microstructural differences between bone substitute grafts and their effect on resorption and bone response"

3rd  Iris Boraschi, "Regulation of osteoclasts by collagen degradation products"

Poster presentation awards

1st  Sharifa Alebrahim, "A Genetic Switch to Keep SMPD3-deficient fro/fro Mice Alive"

2nd  Nida Amir, "The perceptions of dental students about the prevention of HPV-OPC"

3rd  Fahad Siddiqui, "Access to Dental Services for People who are Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing in Montreal: A Participatory Research Study"

Knowledge translation awards

Division of Biomedical Sciences: Yekta Ansari, "Effect of salivary elemental composition on tooth enamel physical properties"

Division of Oral Health and Society: Farnaz Rashid-Kandvani, "Another reason to study oral health of people with physical disabilities: Using mouth as third hand," and Fahad Siddiqui, "Access to Dental Services for People who are Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing in Montreal: A Participatory Research Study"

Research Day 2014, Oral Health and Society Knowledge Translation prize winners and Dr. Feine

The Faculty was featured in last week’s What’sNewMcGill. Read here

We are featured in the Journal de l’Ordre des dentistes du Québec, April/May issue. Read here (See page 42)

Tobias Meiszinger is also featured in the most recent edition of Journal de L’Ordre des dentistes du Québec. Read here (See page 39)

Did you know?

The Faculty of Dentistry has the most loyal alumni at McGill University. At present, 6.5 million dollars have been raised for our new facility solely from alumni donations.

Photos from Research Day 2014

PhD candidate Shyamali Saha

PhD candidate Zaher Jabbour

MSc candidates Alia AlAljifri and Pricila Sanders at their posters

Research Day Chair Iris Boraschi-Diaz and Vice-Chair Mohamed Nur Abdallah

Research Day coordinator Marlene Balena

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