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Your news at the heart of your Faculty of Dentistry / Issue 24 / February 27, 2014

The Chinese New Year Dinner was a tremendous success, raising just over $20,000 for the Faculty’s Outreach Program! It was an unforgettable evening and we are honoured to have shared the night with all of our guests.  We would like to thank the Faculty for their tremendous support throughout the past few months. Thank you to all the students who have given us their time and effort to assist in all aspects of this night. We are especially grateful to our sponsors, whose generosity helped us achieve our goal. A very sincere thank you to all those who contributed to this cause. Your kindness has truly made a difference in the lives of those in need in our community.


The Chinese New Year Organizing Committee
Anthony Rossi, Kristi Stefanison, Matt Savoie and Stephen Wong

Important Calendar Dates

March 8th  Research Day abstract deadline. More info

April 2nd  Faculty Council, Strathcona M/48, 5:30pm

May 10th  Annual Graduate Roast. Details forthcoming

May 29th  Spring Convocation. Health Sciences Ceremony at 2pm


MDGSS retro theme party, February 17th

February 28th  CE Course: Applying Evidence-Based Dentistry to Clinical Practice. More info

March 7th and 8th  CE Course: Atraumatic Tooth Extraction and Extraction Socket Management. More info

March 13th  3rd McGill SEM Conference: Tool Kits for Student Engagement and Academic Success. More info

March 15th  CE Course: The Transformation of Endodontics in the Twenty-First Century. More info

March 21st  CE Course: The Two-Edged Sword: Transitioning Into and Out of Dental Practice. More info

April 1st and 2nd  10th Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Research Symposium, at Thomson House.

March 24th  Faculty of Dentistry Research Seminar Workshop: Dry mouth following head & neck cancer treatment. 9am to 12 noon. More info

March 26th  Research Day, at the Holiday Inn Montreal, from 8am to 5pm. More info

May 7th  McGill "Global is Local" Conference, hosted by McGill Global Health Programs. More info

November 28th  Faculty of Dentistry OMFS Research Day. Keynote: Professor Richard Shaw.


Graduate students: Institute for Health and Social Policy (IHSP) submission deadline March 5th. More info

Graduate Students: present your research in Ted-talk style as part of 3 minutes to Change the World. Deadline to apply February 28th. More info

Graduate Students: Lieutenant Governor of Québec Medals, deadline for application March 4th. More info

Dobson Cup McGill and Nichol Competition. More info

Publishing Opportunity for Dental students in Forum for Dental Student Research and Innovation for publication. More info

Organizational development courses at McGill for staff. Winter 2014 calendar

Graduate Students: Graphos Writing Workshops. More info

10th Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Research Symposium, April 1-2. Deadline to submit abstract or poster March 14th. More info

FODQ Research Grant Competition, application deadline March 14th. Research grants | Scholarships | Application form

Desjardins Foundation Scholarship Program, application deadline March 17th. More info

Apply to become Vice-Chair (2015) and Chair (2016) of the Annual Faculty of Dentistry Research Day. Application deadline March 19th. More info

Sangster Award. Deadline March 31st. More info

Mitacs Globalink: new funding for international research. More info

Cancer Research Society Scholarships 2014, application deadline April 30th. More info

Campagne photomaton UV de la société canadienne du cancer. More info | Flyer

Thank you to all the sponsors of this year’s Chinese New Year dinner for outreach!

Innovation and Excellence

Another successful trip for Dr. Benhamou’s Kindness in Action team

This year we returned to Espita, Yucatan, Mexico. We treated 755 patients, with a total of approximately 650 extractions, 371 restaurations, 9 endos, several surgeries, 34 full mouth debridements and delivered for the first time 61 removable acrylic dentures in 8 very full working days. There were also workshops on leadership, violence and alcoholism given to 250 people by the psychologist on our team.  The team was composed of 20 people: 4 dentists, 6 McGill dental students, 3 John Abbott dental hygiene students, a dental hygienist, three assistants, a dental technician, a lab technician and a psychologist. We had an amazingly cohesive team of dedicated hardworkers!

"Mama Bear"
Dr Veronique Benhamou  
Associate Professor, McGill University Faculty of Dentistry
Director, Division of Periodontology

Congratulationss to our graduates! (Degrees conferred in February)

Sreenath Arekunnath Madathil, MSc: Supervisor Dr. B. Nicolau. Thesis Title, Paan chewing: intergenerational habit transmission and lifetime dose response relationship with oral cancer among a subset of South Indian population.

Mona Rajeh, MSc: Supervisors Dr. R. Hovey and Dr. S. Esfandiari. Thesis Title, Female dentists: their professional lives and concerns.

Elnaz  Ghadimi, MSc: Supervisors: Dr. F. Tamimi and Dr. H. Vali. Thesis Title, Crystal shape and composition of enamel affect its mechanical properties.

Khady Ka, PhD. Supervisors Dr. B. Nicolau and Dr. MC Rousseau. Thesis Title, Fat and bone metabolism in relation to gingival inflammation in children.

Our Faculty’s Conversation Series is now featured on the McGill podcasts and iTunes. See number #7 on the list!

Poster prize winners at last month’s Réseau de recherché en santé buccodentaire et osseuse (RSBO) retreat:

Svetlana Tikhonova: volet clinique
Khadijeh Al-Abedalla: volet appliqué

New Facility News

Walls are going up! See here

Thank you to Nida Amir, Graduate Student, for this week’s cartoon!

Did you know?

In 1992, prisoner Robert Shepard, in Charleston West Virginia, escaped a 12.5-million-dollar high-tech jail using ... dental floss! Read the story here


A note from Maria Palumbo (Student Affairs) regarding Uapply. Read here

DMD IV: a note about Graduation. Read here

A reminder to all staff and faculty: if you are planning on hiring anyone, please contact Ms. Iren Urazbaeva, HR Officer for the Faculty.

DMD II: a note from Marilyn Sylvester. Read here

Post-Docs: see if you qualify for Quebec tax exemption here.

McGill-Wide Announcements

Workshops on the "Open Library" during February. More info

Burning Silos: Building Partnerships Between Basic Scientists and Health Professionals. Workshop March 25th. Register here

The Center for Medical Education and The Faculty Development Office present The Role of Experience in Clinical Reasoning with Dr. Geoff Norman, Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, McMaster University. February 13th. More info. RSVP to Jenn Nicholls by email or telephone at (514) 398-2698.

Recommended night routes on campus, from McGill Security Services. See map here

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