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MAUT President: Updates


The months since our December Newsletter have been eventful, to say the least. The revisions to the University’s Policy Against Sexual Violence have taken center stage. As I reported in the December Newsletter, the first report of the Working Group to revise the policy presented at Senate on December 5th met with vociferous opposition from representatives of the students’ organizations. By contrast, the second set of proposed revisions presented at the February 20th Senate meeting was acknowledged by all those present as a major step forward in the University’s campaign to eliminate sexual misconduct and violence. On behalf of the MAUT’s executive committee I have issued a statement on February 22nd expressing our appreciation for the enormous amount of work the Working Group has done to arrive at a set of policies and guidelines that will help protect all members of the community against the threat of sexual harassment and sexual violence and has expressed.


The other major issue that has been hotly debated on campus and beyond is the question of whether or not the University should change the name ‘Redmen’ of its male sports teams to something that is not perceived as hurtful by members of Indigenous communities. At its meeting on February 21st the MAUT’s Council voted to openly support the request that the name be changed and I wrote an open letter to the Principal that same day expressing this view on behalf of Council.


The third major issue of the day is salaries. Many of our members have complained about the paltry salary and merit increases that were recently announced for the ’19-’20 year and have urged MAUT to take a more active stance regarding the University’s salary policy. On March 20th representatives of the MAUT and the administration will begin discussions about salary policy for the next 3-year cycle and beyond. In preparation for that meeting, the MAUT invites all faculty members, including those who are not an MAUT member (yet), to attend our Open Forum on Salary Policy on Wednesday, March 13th from 4:00pm to 5:30pm in the Ballroom of the Faculty Club. The idea is to show the University how concerned we are about our salaries slipping further and further relative to those paid in comparable institutions and to discuss what policies and tactics we should follow to try to rectify the situation. So COME AND JOIN US ON MARCH 13TH!!!



Call for Nominations: Unsung MAUT Heroes for the Bicentennial


The Faculty and Staff Celebration Bicentennial Committee is calling for nominations MAUT members from the distant past to today who have made extraordinary contributions to the McGill community and whom we can celebrate during as part of the Bicentennial. Please try to think of some of the unsung heroes who deserve to be honoured next year and send your suggestions to Stefano Algieri, member of MAUT’s membership committee as well as of the Bicentennial Committee, at


Axel van den Berg,

MAUT President






Open Educational Resources: What They Are and How to Incorporate Them Into Your Classroom!


Open Educational Resources (OER) are openly licensed educational materials that can be shared freely, used by anyone, improved/adapted/repurposed, and redistributed. Most OER, such as online textbooks, are created by academics for the classroom and are peer reviewed.


OER make learning easier and more accessible. For students, they can lessen the intense burden created by expensive, hard copy textbooks. By the end of their undergraduate degree, the average student will have spent $4,000-$6,000 on course materials alone. Because of this, many students may opt-out of buying course materials due to cost, with most simultaneously worrying that doing so would hurt their course grade.


For professors, OER can allow you to customize the design and content of your course, rather than be restricted to a single textbook or limited sample of resources. Using online, open, and consistently updated resources can facilitate the quick integration of developments and new findings into course content. Moreover, online OER are a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to physical course materials.

Interested in switching to OER? Where copyright/licensing allows, scan assigned readings and upload them to myCourses! Search current OER repositories such as OpenStax and BCcampus for resources that cover your course material and offer them (or just some chapters) as alternatives to your textbook. For more information or help switching to OER, contact us at and   


Madeline Wilson & Monique Morin,

Undergraduate Representatives to McGill Senate






Walkout for Climate Justice


The Problem:

We, the people, have 11 years to cut emissions in half and keep rising temperatures below 1.5°C, according to the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Canada is nowhere near meeting these targets, according to the United Nations. In fact, our emissions from oil, gas, and transportation are rising.

Our Response:

We, the McGill Climate Strike Committee, will stage a one day walkout at 11:30 AM on Friday, March 15th to demand that our leaders act in line with the science and cut emissions in half by 2030. Students across Montreal, Canada, and the world will be striking with us.


McGill Climate Strike: 11:30 AM, March 15th, Arts Building

Montreal-wide March: 1:00 PM, March 15th, Monument à Sir George-Étienne Cartier with La Planète s'invite à l'université


Alison Gu,

SSMU Sustainability Commissioner





MAUT Open Forum on Faculty Salaries



Top 3University = Top 3SALARY


You are cordially invited to MAUT’s Salary Forum with keynote presenters, roundtable discussions, and open debate: Wednesday, March 13, 2019 from 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm; McGill Faculty Club, Ballroom

(cocktail reception to follow).


Join us for roundtable topics on

  • Salary Strategy
  • Salary Compensation
  • Non-Salary Compensation
  • Gender Salary Gap




Pick up your participation gift at the registration desk – quantities are limited! 




Family Discovery Event



To RSVP to the MAUT Family Discovery Event, please email by April 5th, 2019.



Redesigned MAUT Homepage!



MAUT has a newly redesigned homepage that now provides a more user-friendly interface with more visuals that also looks great on mobile and tablet browsers. Visit our redesigned website to stay informed about hot topics, keep up-to-date about upcoming events through our calendar, access our new easy-to-use online registration for upcoming events/meetings, access MAUT newsletters, and so much more:


* With the homepage complete, we will continue to redesign and improve all sections of the website over the coming months to provide a better overall user experience.



MAUT on YouTube


A quick reminder that coverage of public events sponsored by MAUT (e.g., Fall 2018 Guide to the University; Fall 2017 Academic Freedom Forum) is now available on our YouTube Channel. View, share, and subscribe!



Winter Brunch 2019


On January 27th, MAUT’s Membership Committee organized a winter brunch at the McGill Faculty Club with over 110 guests in attendance, including 33 gleeful children who participated in a wintery themed interactive science show. The Club offered an exceptional selection of soul warming food, including superb desserts to tantalize guests big and small. The event was pleasant and friendly. Thank you to all our members and their families who came out and made this event a success and to the McGill Faculty Club for its exemplary hospitality and unique atmosphere.



New Membership Form


As part of our ongoing efforts to encourage McGill faculty to join MAUT and participate in our initiatives to improve the working environment for faculty and academic staff at McGill, we have replaced our hard copy application document with a new, user-friendly online application form. Please feel free to forward this link/email to any interested colleagues and thank you for your support!


Nathan C. Hall,

MAUT VP Communications

Jo-Anne Watier,

MAUT Membership Engagement Officer




MAUT Divestment Completed


Just before the end of the 2018 calendar year, MAUT completed the divestment of its investment portfolio of all fossil fuel assets. This result was the culmination of a year of thoughtful, extensive deliberation that followed the motion to divest, approved in the General Meeting of November 2017. Past VP Finance Ken Hastings and members of the MAUT Finance Committee worked diligently to ensure a sound transition and reinvestment of our holdings into a diverse array of equity, fixed income and money market investments that align with our Association’s objectives and its values.


This experience also gave us the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about the intricacies and obstacles that can hinder or slow down divestment. We expect that these learnings will be useful as MAUT continues to promote divestment throughout McGill, in line with the beliefs that our members have expressed at various venues, most recently and resoundingly in Senate.


Dror Etzion,

MAUT VP Finance




Communication Study: Invitation to Participate


We need your help! We're running a research study to test a new way for couples to stay in touch throughout the day. We are seeking couples (18 through any age) with up to $120 compensation per couple provided. If you are already in a relationship and live together, click here to find out more: If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the study coordinator at


Jeremy Cooperstock,

Associate Professor, McGill Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


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